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How do we engage in our environment? How does our environment engage with us? How can I manipulate my environment to meet my needs? What are my human needs and how does my environment cater to them? How do I design a world that fulfills everything from my basic fundamental needs to my desires, my aspirations? Is there an answer to any of these questions? Design. 

I’ve been thinking a lot these past couple of weeks. It’s time for me to start exploring beyond my college experience, beyond the familiarity of my comforts here at Agnes Scott College and to drive into new territory. My life as an young adult, and my new life path. 

I’ve been developing this idea of my next step, my passion that I want to indulge and grow into a career. I’ve been too terrified to really embrace it, to really give in and start exploring it. I’ve been hiding behind the demands of my current education, of trying to get the best grades on current assignments, and taking my time off to be lazy, to be mindless, to scroll for hours on social media looking into windows of others lives as they progress or stand still. I need to stop doing that, and move myself forward. I need to take some sort of leap of faith, no matter how scary it is. 

Tonight I watched something that woke me up, brought me out of my state of being petrified and snapped me into focus. My first instinct naturally was to write about it, funny how that works, maybe my ranting though will help me, it’ll at least hold me more accountable. 

Abstract. It’s a documentary series on the art of design that was just released this week on Netflix. After watching two episodes, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!! Especially for those creative souls out there. Within the first ten minutes of watching the first episode (on illustration with Christpoh Niemann) I was itching to grab my sketchbook and just start drawing, creating, bring to life a new world. It was fantastic to see his process come to light, even if he was reluctant to give it to us, ha. His personality and thought process was  different from mine, at first I felt an initial cold vibe coming from him, but as it evolved, I grew to appreciate it and found that his philosophies fit into many important design concepts we value and use in our everyday consumption. Design Principles make all the difference. 

Once that finished, I decided to actually look at the topic/artist featured for each episode. The final one being on Interior Design featuring Ilse Crawford’s work. *Click* Watching that!! 



Tell me more, tell me more! 

Can I just be you, can I work for you, how do I apply to be one of your official groupies? 

Those were my initial reactions within the first 5 minutes of the episode. Seriously, the first two sentences she said lined up with my current ideologies of design theory and why I’m interested in being an interior designer. For me it’s not about making “pretty spaces.” It’s not about liking furniture, or paint colors. It’s not about being domestic. It’s about purpose, function, the human experience. How does a person interaction with this virtual reality created in front of them. How does the environemtn connect with them? How does it enhance their well-being? 

Ilse Crawford has the same idea, the same core principle to design. I need to research her ASAP. I want ot read up on her design process, and ideologies, read her books, and see what inspirations I can take away from her work as I move on. I’m really courious about her policies on environmentalism, since that is also a huge part of what I want to include in my future career.

I see this as a good starting point for me to discover more about what I want for my graduate school experience. Maybe learning from her can help me to find the terminology I’ve been trying to conjure for the past year and haven’t been able to concretely define. Having the right words will help me with searching for graduate school programs in design that fit my passion of well-being, sustainability, function, and design. I see a lot coming out of this over my coming school break. I hope to write more on this after my Spring Break, fingers crossed. 

I’m glad though to be validated in my ideas about design, it helps to see a well-established adult share my same theories about interior design, fuels my fire to keep pushing for this dream idea of mine. It can be a reality. 🙂 

Now onto the title of this post Hygge. Look it up. It’s a Swedish/Danish lifestyle that basically means transforming your environment to feel at home, being comfy, cozy, and celebrating everyday life. (I’m oversimplifying.) Creating a mindset of comfort and happiness while living in the moment. I learned it from Ilse Crawford, she talked about it during her documentary. I think this is something we could all learn from and uphold in our lives. It’s a goal of mine to make spaces that feel Hygge, or at least give off that impression. I hope you find some Hygge in your living environment! 

Alright, I’m wrapping up for tonight. Thanks for reading. I’m serious art fans, you need to check this new Netflix series out (shameless plug) it’s inspiring. 

Until next time, 


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