Day 6: Realization of Repetition – early onset boredom

Happy Monday!

The pains of having to wake up early for work are finally settling in as the warm happiness of a new job fades. It’s really not that bad, I’m a morning person, and I still don’t have to wake up as early as I did for High School everyday so really I’m just being a complainer. *World’s smallest violin playing in the background*

Okay, back on topic, what I’ve been doing today is research, research, read, and research. Read, change the page, read, change the page, repeat. Oh and for fun in-between the researching and reading I memorized all the tour facts for the building (interns have the help give public tours of our Eco Office every Wednesday so I’m getting up to speed on that.)

Yes, I got tired of sitting at my desk reading page after page on to learn credits. After lunch I lost my ambition to stay focused and ended up just staring at my screen for 30 minutes. I was like any little kid who is told they have to do their homework before they can go outside with their friends, they just stare sadly out the window wishing for the homework to do itself so they can go to where the real action is taking place.


When we all fall into this sad rut of not wanting to do what needs to be done, you need to approach it from a different angle, a new more exciting perspective. Make a game out of it if you have to! Come up with a reward system for yourself or find a way to test yourself. Think back to those moments of weakness in high school and college where you motivated yourself to work on something you honestly dreaded for a class and use those as inspiration.

Get up and move around, stand up at your desk and walk in place while working. Pick up your laptop and move to a different location; I personally think I just might take all this researching up to the rooftop deck next to the green roof.

If you must procrastinate, at least make it productive procrastination. Work on another project you have going to change your pace but still accomplish something that needs to get done. Like how I’m writing this post as a break from the reading. I’m still being productive, and I’m reflecting on the credits I read, I just wrote down a question and the Daylight and Views-Views credit I need to look up, so I’m distracting one task with another.

Be smart people! Work smart not hard and don’t get discouraged by the repetitive tasks in your life!


June 20th, 2016


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