Day 8: Good, hopefully typical day

So this post may be rambles. I don’t have a strong “lesson” or talking point focus for today so stick with me. I promise there will be a better post tomorrow!

Today I jumped all over the place in work really.

I started the morning by reviewing the tour manual again, and then I shadowed another tour. This tour was done by one of the newer fellows (he came in about three weeks before me) and a fellow that was about a month away from wrapping up his fellowship (so he was experienced and really just there to help the other guy out since this was his first real tour I think.)  When I say shadowed, I mean I mostly shadowed…I actually said a couple of things to the tour group that the newer guy forgot and added a couple of things I remembered Bonnie saying yesterday. While I enjoy giving the tours, can’t wait to run my own, the fact that I remembered all these facts and caught on so quickly made me feel kinda like a know-it-all, I hope I didn’t step on anyone’s toes and make them feel bad because I used my good memory too soon. (I doubt I did, its just a tour, not a big project, just new girl anxiety I guess)

I spent the remainder of the day looking up specific credits for a Chick-Fil-A project that was a tier 2. We needed to see which credits in the “maybe” achievable category we could push into the “yes” to make the credit minimum for certification. It required looking into some technical guidelines and exceptions to credit rules, which gave me a deeper perspective into some of the sustainable sites credits.

At the end of the day, I helped set up some furniture (yes they had all the fellows and interns move the furniture, nothing like a little manual labor for the youngsters) for our Summer Solstice event tomorrow evening–the topic I will be talking about tomorrow (told ya I’d keep my promise).

Overall an easy going day, if I could have days like this all summer I could be perfectly content with the sense of purpose and the interesting work I’m doing. Fingers Crossed!


June 22nd, 2016


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