Day 5: TGIF and training!


The new job buzz is still here, I’m still happy to be working for Southface. Although, I am looking forward to not having to get up super early tomorrow and drive through the joyous Atlanta traffic, I digress.

Today was a good day for me, I left the office this evening smiling because today my boss Bonnie gave me some real forward instruction. She sat down with me and really gave me the “LEED for Dummies” discussion, the very high level, basic, this is what it is. I got the answers to my first couple of questions I posted earlier this week. I now know what LEED certification is, and I know the different certifications there are to pick from when certifying a building. I also know what a scorecard is and what it looks like/how it is organized. I even learned how to identify a project as a tier 1 (super easy to achieve) tier 2 (not too bad, many cost a bit more) or a tier 3 (you can do it, just expect a lot more costs) all based on the site a building chooses to station itself (lesson learned, the site is incredibly important) Now onto the fun part….learning all the credits, documentation, the process and conversations of getting a project from the “let’s go for LEED certification” to “And it’s submitted, now we wait to hear our results”

Daunting as it may seem, I know that I will get there (now of course I will not be as knowledgeable as an AP who trained and studied and was tested on LEED to get the title, but I will be well prepared enough to do my job when I get back to Agnes Scott in the fall!

Speaking of which…did I mention this earlier? I don’t think I have.

The whole reason behind me working at Southface learning the USGBC’s LEED certification process for new construction v.2009 is because of another internship I’ll be doing when in the fall on campus! I’m going to be helping with the certification of our very own Rebekah Scott Hall at Agnes Scott College. In this coming May- right after I graduate college – Agnes Scott is closing down the old Rebekah Scott hall building to renovate it to be at least LEED certified Silver. Before they close for construction though, we have to prepare by designing the building, getting our design credits in for evaluation to see if we need to change anything before we begin tearing into the building. That’ll be part of my role, to help in design decisions for Rebekah and help keep track of everything we do credits wise with the scorecard.  (Of course there is more to it than that, I’m not 100% sure what my exact role will be, but pretty amazing right?!)

This opportunity is one of the many reasons why I love Agnes Scott so much. I doubt if I had gone to a large state school that I would have received this kind of attention and asked to work on a project like this as an undergrad art major and sustainability minor. It’s just a wonderful relationship Agnes Scott fosters between student and professor and staff. I’m thanking from the bottom of my heart all those who helped make this possible and will never take this granted!

June 17th, 2016


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