Day 4: Gaining Confidence to be Social


It’s a Thursday, the day so close to Friday you can already picture the weekend.

Alright, many people who know me know that while I get along with everyone quiet well, and that I can be very talkative and fun-natured, it just takes me a while to get comfortable in new surrounds and definitely takes me a while to open up to people and be myself.

This new office environment is indeed a very social one, but I’m still that little introvert who wants to hide behind her laptop and eat lunch quietly by herself (but at the same time doesn’t, just doesn’t have the courage to meet up with people unless they approach me and invite me themselves.)

I should correct myself in saying that really I’m not that bad socially…it honestly just depends on the environment how comfortable and outwardly social I am. If I were at college, school, somewhere where I was surrounded by peers more my age, I’m out there, sitting down at a random table at lunch talking to new people. Reversely when I’m in a world of people much more experienced than me, talking about things I don’t understand, I want to hide. See the difference? I guess the best way to put it is that I am intimidated here.

I also know that I am better at being social when I have a job to do (like working an event.) If I have a purpose, a reason to be active in the crowd, then I’m very social. I’m known for being very mature and great in adult conversation for this reason, but it’s a whole new ballgame when it comes to eating lunch in a small close-knit office environment that you know you are only going to be working in for a little over two months. The time frame is really a social killer for me, if I knew that I was going to be here longer, such I’d put more effort into making closer friends with the people here, but the short deadline just makes me not was to bother (very bad of me I know, think of the contacts and information I could gain from sitting down with these smart and passionate people.)

So I think it’s time for me to get out of my own head and just take a leap of faith and talk to people, sit with them and have lunch not at my desk. Confidence baby! I can at least try that for a start!


June 16th, 2016


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