Day 31: Bomb Squat Project visit

Much better day today. I got to go on a site visit. It was a design kick-off meeting for a new building at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport here in Atlanta. It is a new project, they are building a new K-9/EOB building (you know the bomb squad) at the airport property. I must say it is very much needed as well, the old building is a sad 1970’s concrete prism, and a face lift that better suits their needs is certainly a good idea, definitely for the dogs! This was a very helpful experience for me, just to see how a group of people come together and figure out how to start a massive (though in reality this is nothing compared to a skyscape) project. It’s going to take from now until February to just design the building, ground breaking will probably not happen until late March at the earliest.

I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives of all the different engineers involved. They really talked through problems from multiple angles and were able to find a solution that worked for everyone in a relatively short amount of time.That’s good teamwork.

I also liked having the little tour at the end of the meeting, I got to see all the robotic equipment they use for handling bombs and other scary situations. Also the german shepherds were adorable yet so professional, very cool place!  

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