Day 3: Learning Curve


Yes the excitement of a new job and a new purpose hasn’t worn off yet, I’m still excited to be here and looking forward to the rest of my time here. I’m a positive person, brimming with positive thinking, or so I thought…

So while I had a sit-down yesterday with my boss to explain some resources I should look at to get me started in understanding the complex systems of LEED certification. I still feel like a little lost puppy. I spent today just researching, reading documents, trying to understand it all. The problem I had was that I was expecting to just jump right in and instantly understand everything I needed to know. There would be no learning curve, nothing I couldn’t instantly conquer!

Reality Check….

I wouldn’t be here to learn if I already knew everything. How boring would it be to come in and already know if all, not have some sort of challenge or problem solving to do? So I need to be patient. I need to understand that just because I have no idea what some of these terms mean or have any background in green building that I will not eventually understand how it works. Baby steps, start small by looking up those confusing terms, work your way up to the big concepts and remember the lesson from yesterday…

when in doubt, ask it out!

Things will only become clearer from here, I just have to keep to it and read and learn. Can’t give up without actually running the race. 🙂


June 15th, 2016


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