Day 22: First Staff Meeting

First Staff Meeting, or really first staff showcase is more like it. I’ve been to many meetings in my lifetime, from student organizations or college committees, even the all-day meetings here that I’ve talked about previously, but this full staff meeting was something else. It was by no means overly extravagant, but it gave me a full picture of the people working here. They were passionate, hardworking, concerned and knowledgeable, not to mention hilarious. It just showed me that Southface has an environment that I’m sure once I leave and graduate and am looking for my own place to work I will be striving hard to find a place just as amazing as here. This meeting had a dynamic quality to it, where each department had prepared more than one little presentation representing some of the work they are doing to share with everyone else to help us see the connections and see what kind of work our company is producing. There was a fun twist though, we had to text to vote which topic was chosen with a live pole projected on the large screen ahead of us. There were catchy titles and people campaigning for everyone to vote for talk, who would have thought that a staff meeting would be that entertaining to just transition between the information.

Also while people were presenting, they took extra care to translate their technical language to something that someone who wasn’t a coder, and engineer, an expert on acronyms could understand. They would bring it to our level and show us what was so exciting about coding and how it related to our policy, community, residential and commercial teams. We could ask questions if we still missed something or wanted a higher level discussion on the why and importance of these different topics between the departments. It showed me the character that the Southface family had that I feel so many other companies should strive to achieve, people were learning from their peers, engaging in all parts of their company and sharing their passionate work in this close knit welcoming environment.

And afterwards, people stayed and had more conversations, rather than sulking off back to their office to hide away again from each other, they continued to make connections with each other, continued to build relationships. It stayed lively in the office area until after lunch! Felt more like a Friday before a break than a Wednesday honestly.

I was also thrown on the spot as a new employee to introduce myself, eeek that was fun. I think I did well, working on my public speaking yet again, it helped that everyone is so warm and not so serious here.

Also shout out to the IT guys! We have been having a very slow server connection this morning and they sent us an email with the cutest little sloths to remind us to be patient and chill while the server is worked in to be brought back up to the speed. Humorous and adorable, good job guys.

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