Day 21: Learning independently but still asking questions

After weeks of researching independently, I finally had a meeting with one of my supervisors to go over work that I would be doing for the rest of the week (when I’m not in meetings or site visits that is) and I have got to say that it was confusing, but in a good way. I like being challenged, and having to take on new material, so today was my chance to take this on. I was asked to create a water usage matrix measuring water use reduction for a storage center….only I had no idea what a matrix was, or how you calculate water usage of all the toilets and sinks and showers in a building based on the predicted daily usage and gender ratios of full and part time employees (are your heads spinning too as I try to explain this?) Apparently its easy math, which is good since I’m not a math person, I just have to input some numbers and the program will do it for me conveniently. I just had to do some digging to find the right numbers and the calculation program that is buried deep within our files apparently. This for me was good chance to practice my professional questioning skills I’ve been working on this summer. I had to inquire how to do the calculations and what they meant, basically have my boss explain it all to me since I had never experienced this before, and she was very sweet about it and explained thoroughly allowing me to ask questions as I went. I learned a good deal and what I’m still shaky on I can research and experiment and then come back and ask more about later this week. I have a good amount of work to do which is exciting, I like that a lot more than reading articles constantly like I’ve been doing (don’t get me wrong, they were fascinating) but I like the change of pace, the accountability, and application of what I’ve been reading to now this project.

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