Day 20- Previous Experience for the win!

Who would have thought that things you did in your past would actually apply to your future? I mean, to have gone to an panel event way back in April 20th just because it seemed like a cool opportunity to fast forward to today only to realize that the information I learned at that very panel applied to a phone conference I sat in on today. Making the connections is honestly really amazing and makes me feel so fortunate to have had these opportunities from cool people who gave me a chance (you know since I’m just a college student), it’s not like they had to include me in this, so I thought it was really cool.

Okay enough being cryptic, I’ll explain now what I meant. Back at the end of the school year back in April (around the time of finals and heavy amounts of schoolwork) the good folks of the sustainability office asked me if I’d like to join them to go hear a panel discussion on the design plans for Ga Tech’s Living Building Challenge. The design teams that came up with their own plan for the building were going to be there to explain their designs (both the winning team, AND the losing ones as well, pretty cool they still wanted to share with us their designs.) I had never heard of living buildings or the challenge so I did a little preliminary research before I said anything about wanting to go. It was a challenge that created buildings that actually had a POSITIVE impact on the Environment (like wtheck?) How is this even possible? That is so freaking cool!!! Of course I want to go! I mean the amount of detailed and crazy designing efforts that went into that is not something I want to miss (I just ended up having a couple of later nights later in the week to make up for the missed study/work time). The panel was completely worth it, the designs were so innovative and the teams did a great job explaining the designs at a lower level that everyone could understand. I learned a lot of environmental designing that evening and it continued my spark of interest in the field of environmental interior design.

Fast forward now to today. I wasn’t expecting much coming into work today, I’ve found that I get a lot more work to do later in the week and the beginning is a bit sparser, more time for me to do independent research. Well I was asked last minute if I’d be interested in joining in on a conference call (though I missed what it was about.) I of course accepted because I’m never going to turn down a new opportunity and I honestly didn’t have much going on. I found out when I came into the meeting room that it was indeed a conference call on the water reclamation systems and composting toilets of the Living Building Challenge for the GA Tech project!! I got to listen in on the engineering, and policy talks of putting in a greywater or a blackwater system in the building. The construction/design team had all these different people connect just to have a conversation about what they should do, how to they approach this since it’ll be within the city limits and it’s a tricky process to get going without people’s heads turning and disapproval (from lack of understanding.) While I am no expert on these systems, the fact that I saw the building plans not too long ago and I was “well versed” (because of tours) on Southface’s greywater system, I enjoyed listening in on the conversations and making connections in my head from one event to the other. They even brought up the greywater system in the freshman dorms at Emory, which I have personally been in because an old boyfriend of mine just so happened to live in the dorm that had that. So all around you never know where your previous experiences will line up and influence others, just means that I need to keep up taking on these unique opportunities as they come to me, because you never know when it’ll come in handy!  

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