Day 2: Navigating the Maze

It’s the second day!

I’m still excited about all this is to come of here. The only problem is, I still have no idea what I am doing. Like no clue. Help, lost puppy here!

So here’s my advice on what to do when you’re lost…


Yes, I’m in a new place, don’t really know anyone, I’m the youngest person working here, and I’m a very introverted and shy person, it’s scary, but I’m not going to get anywhere sitting at my desk staring at my computer’s background. I need to be proactive in my internship. I need to ask people what I should be doing. Or I should at least ask them for the login information for the resources mentioned in my orientation packet yesterday that I should be getting myself familiar with the material. So I stuck my neck out, and you know what…

It paid off!!

I ended up having a meeting for a good hour and half with my boss’s boss (my other boss) Laura in a meeting room. She took the time out of her schedule to get to know me, and to help me figure out my role for the next couple of months here. Don’t let your fears and anxieties get in your way of success.

June 14th, 2016

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