Day 15: Passing the Downtime

Happy Friday! It’s a long weekend the weekend, so really Happy 4th of July! 

I wrapped up my work earlier this week really, most of my assignments were small so I’m taking today to reflect a little. Think I’ll talk about how important it is to advantage of, and make the most of your downtime as an intern. When you have to pass time that doesn’t have a distinct purpose of assignment, try making one for yourself. Is there anything that you wish you could work on while you are here for the company? Is there something you would like to know more about that you could learn about from all the resources they have here? Is there someone that you want to talk to but haven’t yet? Explore the work environment, just because you don’t have any major assignments does not mean that you can’t make some for yourself to help yourself continue to grow! Create your own opportunities while you have the chance! 

I think most of my internship here will work like that, I will have to find ways to occupy my time in a productive way, so I have been really working on learning all about LEED credits to make sure that I know them well when I return in the fall to work in our college’s office of sustainability. I’m preparing myself now for what is to come.   

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