Day 14: Enjoy the little mundane jobs


It’s near the end of the week, happy Thursday everyone!

I’m just thinking about how we sometimes take life for granted. We need to enjoy the boring, mundane work sometimes. It may not always be the most exciting thing in the world to be entering data into a system or read page after page of a manual, even research credits (all of which I have done today) but it does eventually add up to something more profound.

By doing this research I am slowly learning about LEED certification and gaining more knowledge about systems and words that used to be foreign to me. In the long run, I am making myself more knowledgeable and it will be a great help to me hopefully in the coming months. I am helping my boss out with the data, so she can get the bigger things done like collaborations between engineers and contractors on projects. 

Bottom line, you don’t have to be doing something fancy, stressful, or grand to be making progress or being significant. The little jobs are just a part of the process of reaching the bigger projects, so enjoy them while you can! 

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