Day 11: New Real Desk


Today I mostly spent the day trying to keep myself busy, I had finished a lot of work a little too quickly in the morning. I work very efficiently. As an intern I know that my bosses have to come up with tasks for me to work on and that sometimes they struggle with keeping me busy because they have their own deadlines to meet on projects that I can not be a part of. So I spent the afternoon reading through LEED credits and taking notes as a way to help me learn them. I also looked at the forums as a way to see what other questions and information I could gather on the credit language/application. 

And in more exciting news: I got a new desk/place to work!! Before I was working at an awkward island desk between two work stations on my laptop. I was in a very public/ busy spot and the nearest outlet meant my laptop cord would be stretched up in a spot that made it hard for me to leave my desk without limboing underneath it. So having my own work station desk was a major improvement. I could hide away my purse and lunch plug my laptop into the strip in the back corner of my work space. Made me feel more like an actual employee over a silly intern. 

I got the spot form a guy who transitioned to a new department within the company and had to change desk locations. It was still right next to my bosses, literally shared a desk wall with one and the other was caddy-corner to me. 

That’s it for today! 

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