Day 10: 1st Site visit letdown


So today I come in and am immediately approached by one of my bosses and asked if I wanted to tag along on a site visit today!! I would be going to go see a complex under inspection for EarthCraft certification. They were going to be looking at insulation and drywall installation. How exciting is that?!? 

Well, since I wasn’t told about this sooner, I was not able to dress out appropriately for the occasion. Going to a construction site, there are strict ways to dress, you need steel toe shoes – protect your feet from getting smashed if something were to fall on them- and I also needed to be wearing jeans and a black Southface company shirt. Most of this was for my safety and to help represent the company appropriately so I understood why I needed all these things. 

Sadly I had worn my dress sandals, and kaki pants and a flowy top to work today. Open toed-shoes and flowy top are definitely a no for construction sites. No one had work shoes in my size there at work today, or brought in their Southface shirt. Thus I had to turn down the offer and hope that there would be another visit coming up sometime in the future that I could join in on with the proper forewarning and ability to have the right clothing on me with the time came. 

Lesson from this: Being safe is important in any work environment so make the necessary preparations to be safe while working. Additionally, disappointment will happen, and it’s best not to dwell on it. There will always be more opportunities, so remain positive! 

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