Thinking out loud


Why is it that women always degrade, downplay, doubt their own opinions and thoughts on important topics, or just thoughts in general?

The number of times I’ve heard “don’t laugh at me” or “this might sound like a stupid (question, comment, analysis)” in classroom discussions is absurd! ┬áBy saying these short remarks before speaking your opinion, you are already giving people the idea that what you are saying is not valid. Be confident in what you are adding to the conversation, that’s what makes you a powerful asset.

I think one of the main reasons I find it disturbing has to do with the fact that I’m seeing a lot of it in my classes at Agnes Scott College. Even at a woman’s college where our mission statement is all about empowering women I still see this ingrained idea that our thoughts are not of substance or worth and have to be apologized for before they are even presented. Where are the professors, mentors, and students that intervene and liberate young women from this down-putting perspective?

We need to get people to come forward and talk about this issue of presence in conversation. By presenting ourselves with confidence, women become competitors in a male driven environment like the workplace, politics, even social circles. It’s an important part of progressing the viewpoint of women in the professional realm.

Stand Strong Ladies! Even if what you are saying is wrong, at least convey yourself in a firm manner, then take the correction in the pride that you at least stood behind your viewpoint/context!



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