Work in Progress by: Kevan CC
Work in Progress by: Kevan

A work in progress? Progressing? Being Progressive?

Can anyone else relate to these ideas? Does anyone else feel like they could identify with these?

I know that I certainly can. I’m in my third year of college, one of the “most pivotal times of my life” where the real world seems to be catching up with me. I’m no longer just a student. I’m a young adult, someone who is just starting out into the world. Every decision I’ve made so far in my life has lead me to here, but now what?

I keep on progressing.

I make more life decisions, I find more new ways to move forward. I discover more of myself and what I want out of life.

Feeling the pressures of “an I making the right decisions?”

Yes, yes I am.

As of right now, I just have ideas, potential plans for my future, “what if’s” to base my life decisions on currently.

And you know what…..I’m completely okay with the unknown future and what it has in store for me.

Because I am a work in progress, I’m progressing, I’m being progressive!!!

I don’t have everything figured out, I don’t know what I’m doing; I don’t know if what I think I want out of life right now is ultimately what I will achieve!

But this, this is the time in my life to feel this way. This is the time of uncertainly, when you need to take leaps of faith to figure out more about yourself.  You progress.

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