How to make color, light, line, and space interact? Digital Final project idea


For my final in my digital art class, we were given three options.

One was creating a self portrait drawing of my face, super up-close, super detailed; an intense charcoal drawing that we would document  through pictures over time our progress to make this amazing gif at the end showing how the drawing came to life. While I really wanted to do this one, I want a drawing of my face in this manner-I’ll get to do this eventually, maybe next semester- I have a lot of other really intensive work coming my way that I need to produce for my senior project so I think I need to tie my idea more into this project’s other options. 

Second option is creating a “strange world” one not governed by our current laws of physics or way of being through a digital photo collage. This is done by taking photographs and arranging/creating a new world in photoshop through layering and digital manipulation. While I find this assignment interesting, I personally don’t see it tying into any of my current work. I am excited to see though what those who are choosing this assignment are coming up with/what their final products will be. 

That leaves me with option three. Creating a video where I take something and change it over the course of the video. Okay, that seems much more flexible and applicable to what I’m working on in my senior work. I’m about to start producing series of prints on the study of color and light and layering. I could easily capture this process through a combination of photos and short video clips, and given my time as a tutor in computer labs editing videos, I think I have some cool aspects that I could add to my artwork through film media. 

Now onto my idea: 

This semester I have done a lot of reading on color theory- which also  happens to include a lot of light theory as well. I want to make a series of prints playing around with the principles behind light theory using my trademark of triangles as the main subject. As of right now I want to first do a drawing of one of my triangular meshes. I want to take that triangular mesh and essentially fill in all the triangles with different colors. *** It is important to note that I have yet to determine how many different colors/ layers I want this to have yet*** I figure that I will make that decision after I have created a mesh that I like the look of it. It needs to have the right balance of open and tight spaces and have a line pattern that helps guide the viewers eyes through the space but not segregate the space (in a parallel sense) Here I’ll explain with this photo: 

This process usually takes some trial and error for me, I create one, see what I did that I liked, make note of what to change that I didn’t and go for it again until I find a sequence that fits my vision. (I’m sure theres a less intensive way to do this-probably a digital formula, but I like the fact that I am hand manipulating the design, makes it more personal to me) 

Once I have a triangular mesh I like, the next step is to just look at it. I want to get to know it, how the lines are communicating and interacting with each other. Looking at the space and how things move in and out, where my eyes are lead through the piece. It gives me a chance to see it in a raw state to understand it before I start adding to it. 

Then I’ll come up with defining the spaces for the different colors, the different layers if you will. 

Next comes the fun part, playing with printing. I’ll take my different color combinations I want to try and actually test them using mono printing first. Then I’ll take the results of that, analyze it for what I think will work best for my triangular creation and print with my silk screens the selected colors for the selected layers.

After that I may play with what else can be layered on top if it, there could be another triangular mesh, another line pattern of some kind. Give it some added personality.

All of this, the whole process of creating these prints will be documented in a series of photos and short video clips.


OKAY now, seems easy, seems good. But I want to push the whole transformation of this assignment.

People will be expecting the process, the picture plane is easy to follow, but now it’s time to change it up, change the expectation.

I will then let the color and light take on a life of its own in the film, come alive and break the tradition of me manipulating it over them manipulating themselves. It’ll just be color, light, line, space interacting with each other.  ***No idea how I’m going to achieve this, I’m going to have to do some playing around on Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Suite***

So that’s the plan, have no idea how this is going to happen, I’ll figure it out as I go I guess and will update as new things unfold. Time to play! 🙂






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