Ballet on the Wire Video Edit

I played around with an old video clip here: 

A couple of years ago my baby sister, (5 years younger than me) the top figure flying across the scene here, was given the amazing opportunity to be one of the flying characters in her ballet company’s performance of Peter Pan. 

She was cast as the role of Tinkerbell in Spring 2014 and the show happened during the last weekend of our Spring Break (my sophomore year). I like to help out with the productions, as do my parents, so I was there hanging out backstage the day of set unloading and setup. Melissa was here learning what it was like to be suspended up in the air by a wire with my dad (yes my father) in control of her line. What an once in a lifetime opportunity! My mom and I took a break to see how the training was going, the company had brought in professionals to teach the girls how to fly and to teach the fathers how to control the lines. As a happy accident I was there for her first trial run and whipped out my phone to capture this short film clip, and I mean even for her first time up in the air she’s pretty damn graceful.  

Okay, backstory to the short clip, now what I did with it. We had a Final Cut Pro demonstration today in class with one of my self proclaimed “groovy” work study bosses Calvin Burgamy. Since I have experience with Final Cut Pro before, I edit videos in this as a part of my work study, I really just listened for the shortcut codes to write down on a sticky-note to put on the corner of my monitor for quicker editing. At the end of the demonstration my professor Nell assigned us to take a movie clip we took and to play it, especially the sound. She wanted us to make unexpected sounds come into play with the video. What fun! So I layered a couple of different sound effects, like the asian inspired background music that played well with the flow of the flyers, their graceful movements, and some silly sound effects the emphasize their movements. At the end I added some sounds to make the intersection of my sister with her Peter Pan older ballerina friend seem like they crashed together even though they were really several feet apart up/backstage.

Now a little talk on the Final Cut Pro program. I have a little experience using this video editing software because of my time in my other work study job on campus. I was given training on the program both my freshman and sophomore year because they needed our help editing all the videos coming in from events on campus. Traditionally I would have to help film the event, and then it was also my responsibility to get the footage off the camera and do a rough edit of it in Final Cut Pro. I actually really enjoy using Final Cut, I really like the expansion of tools and flexibility it provides over iMovie. It’s a fairly intuitive program as well, you just kind of have to look around for the right tool you want and learn the shortcuts so you can become more efficient in your editing. I personally like that you can have multiple “projects” under one large master project. This means that you can have one project with the raw footage pulled in and than another project that has your edits or a project that just has your favorite clips pulled from the original raw footage. It’s almost like having a filing cabinet for all the elements revolving around one project conveniently placed all in one spot, and you can quickly move between the projects simply by clicking the arrow key right above the timeline. There’s plenty of other fun features and I definitely recommend that if you are interested in looking at film editing to check out this tool.   

Hope you enjoyed it! This is just me honing some of my skills for my final video project so keep you eyes peeled for more updates and videos! 🙂 

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  • I think the video you have planned sounds interesting–would love to see you do some video play as you play with color, screens, pigment, etc. At any time, can light and intersectioning of planes and color come into your physical investigations? Can you record those and display them in this process log as if this were a sketchbook for moving ideas of moving images? Let me into your process, make some magic with light and color and show it to me here. show me how intelligent you are in your act of looking!

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