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The assignment was to take our perviously done blind contours of our hands and to transform them. That was it. No further direction, the world is your oyster, do with it what you want! Just make sure that it looks changed from it’s original design. Easy enough right? Now quite.

I spent a lot of time over the later part of the week/weekend (Wednesday-Sunday)trying to think about what I would do to transform my piece. I tried to look for other recognizable shapes, like you do with clouds in the sky as a child, thinking maybe I could color them in to look like what I saw. Unfortunately I wasn’t getting much out of it. there was a weird hippo on one hand drawing (it was really my thumb) but I couldn’t figure out what to do with the other fingers, they looked like nuns walking down a hill, and those two images don’t exactly run together well. I let this idea go and figured if I kept looking at it inspiration would come (this was Thursday, due Monday). A day later I was still periodically staring at it, waiting for it to speak to me, tell me how it should be transformed but it was still being stubborn, or shy, or maybe it just liked taunting me, I was stuck.

I moved on, worked on other stuff, let it slip from my mind, figured I could come back to it eventually, but time was not on my side. I enjoyed a lovely Black Cat weekend, danced at my last big school formal, hung out with friends afterwards. I woke up on Sunday, got ready for a day of school work, opened up the sheet of paper with these drawings on them…nada.

i figured maybe I needed a change of place, I rarely ever do artwork in my room, maybe that was the problem. I brought them p to my studio in Dana and hung them on the wall and stood back from it. Nope.

I went to go get food, thinking about it over my pancakes and eggs, when I started getting an idea. If I couldn’t transform the image as is into something else, there’s no rule that said I couldn’t draw on top of them! I thought back to my projects in book arts and printmaking, my geometric schemes and patterns. While there wouldn’t be an easy way to create a pattern per se here, I did think that geometrics would be the best way to go. I liked the idea of combining the organic, mottled lines of my original drawing with something more structured and precise- geometric shapes!

I hurried back and drew two circles and two squares on the page, different sizes and orientations. I tired to grab the section the had the most lines and scribbles on my work. It needed more, so I added the next logical shape triangles, two of them just like the others.

I decided to give each shape a color scheme- warm reds, yellows and oranges for the circles, greens and teals for the triangles, and cool blues and purples for the squares.

I started filling the shapes in, creating little sections of color based on the interaction of lines from the blind contour drawing with either themselves or the edge of the shape I drew. It was like a more abstract, organic version of the patterning that I liked to do with triangles in pervious work.

As I went along I started back to thinking about the elements and principles of art and design (naturally since that is a main focus of mine in my senior seminar project) and noticed that I wasn’t really all the way there with this piece. I had a perfect even number of shapes, and we are more attracted to odds, it creates interest in non symmetrical work. So I added another triangle to help combat this issue.

The I got this idea of having the shapes break away from the background so they stand on their own. It would truly help the transformation take on a form of it’s own, separate from what it used to be.

I got scissors and started cutting away the drawing from the paper, only to notice that I had my other blind contour drawing sitting underneath and it created a whole new layer of lines to play with, almost like the layering I did with my face blind contours on photoshop for the other project we had going at the same time. I liked the idea of building up and down the other layers so I grabbed a pencil and drew the next series of shapes -polygons- on the page.  I used natural colors because I didn’t want to repeat with what I already had used in the other shapes, so browns and tans filled that void.

I still felt like it needed one more element to round out it’s look so I went for lines. One side of my drawing was heavy with color and objects and the other was less dense and more spread out so I used the lines to help bring peoples eyes out and away from the dense material.


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