Senior Year

August 24th 2016

Senior Year is finally upon me. It is a terrifying yet thrilling experience so far, and it’s only day one!!

I guess what hits me so hard is that everything I’m going is my last ________ at Agnes. My last first day of school, my last opening convocation as a student. My last chance to soak up all the goodness my undergraduate environment has to offer me. Then I get bombarded with these questions of “what’s next?”  To be honest, I’m not sure. I have ideas, dreams and desires, but they are clouded with insecurities and fears of “being an adult,” moving out into the wide world as a graduate and trying to navigate this confusing world on my own. Yes I know I will truly never be on my own, I will be supported by countless people who love me and will help me to succeed in life, but it’s still a scary concept to think that I’m about to take off my training wheels and try to drive solo for the first time.

I’ve come a far way and I’m proud of all my acomplishments so far, so here’s to a great “last” year!!

On another note…

My class today was digital processes (basically digital art) and our first assignment was to come up with an image that represents me metaphorically. Hmmmmm…. cool assignment, but what???? I can barely tell you physically who I am, let alone trying to describe myself in an abstract way. During class the wheels in the back of my head were turning, I had some ideas, but a couple of hours later (and some much needed nourishment) I realize I wasn’t thinking hard enough about this. I want to challenge myself this year, really push myself in my art classes and to get the most out of myself. My ideas, while a great starting platform aren’t abstract enough to really be a metaphysical representation of myself so I’m going to keep moving forward.

This assignment makes me think back to the Metaphorical Me assignment I was a part of in my Sophomore year. We were piloting the digital portfolio project at the time and the first assignment given to us (by the same professor who gave this assignment to me now mind you) was to use a piece of paper with a box drawn on it to describe myself. I’ve included a picture here of what my end product of the assignment ended up looking like:

"Metaphorical Me" Spring 2015

I think I could totally expand on this and make it even better! Two more years of experience should make a difference in my perception of myself. I think I need to do some internet research, get some references under my belt, sketch a little, and then develop my preliminary ideas further. More to come on this! I have until Monday so this weekend I’ll be getting creative!

That’s all for now, but maybe you should take this time to think about yourself and how you would metaphorically imagine you? What best represents you and all that makes you special? Good luck!




August 25th 2016

Today was another day of “firsts.” While it was technically the second day of classes, it was my first day of classes for my SENIOR SEMINAR *dun dun duuuunnnnnn* and an education course.

Senior sem has me excited for the semester. While I’m still a little scared at the prospect of creating a good body of work for a portfolio (you know, the stuff that I will ultimately be using to sell myself to graduate programs to take me under their wing), I think I can use that nervous energy to fully dive in and push myself to really work hard and challenge myself in the coming months. I can already tell that the month of October is going to be a mess, it’s a crammed month, so I’m going to try to start off this semester right in these classes and work efficiently and as far ahead as possible. Overall, I like the concepts of my senior sem. We will be giving a public artist talk in the middle of October on an artist that we will personally interview and I will be working on a process proposal and of course working on my craft the rest of the semester. Think the biggest challenge facing me is what I want to accomplish, what do I want to create???

I’m going to take some time tomorrow and hopefully over the weekend to work on this, get my ideas flowing. I’ll definitely make an inspiration Pinterest page, maybe make another post on this page on it if I feel like I really have something to reflect on and develop. Wish me luck!!

My other class is an education course on diversity, democracy and education, really cool subject matter in my opinion. It should be a great class full of meaningful discussions. I’m interested to see where this will go and what I will learn along the way. It’s certainly a topic that pertains heavily to the uproaring atmosphere socially and politically in the United States and really, worldwide. I see a lot of applications.

Today we were asked how we thought the three different subjects were interrelated. Take some time to think about it yourself right now, what kind of connections/relations do you think these words have? I talked about the interdependence these words have on some another and how thye are driving forces for each other. The thing about Democracy is that it is designed to help create equality, I mean isn’t its purpose to give everyone some kind of say in their political and social atmosphere? That links to diversity. Diversity is created because not everyone has the same point of view on every issue, each person is unique with a different background and upbringing. They have a new point of view, personal culture that they are bringing to the discussion. There is no black and white. From these discussions of point of views come the need for education. People need to understand each other and where they are coming from in order to understand why they think they like they think, right? So we need people to speak up and we need others to sit back and listen so that when we are making important life decisions in the democratic world, they are the best reflection of the PEOPLE, of everyone! Needless to say I’m fascinated and interested and ready! (Plus who doesn’t love Dr. Coia, honestly one of my all time favorite teachers of all my years of education 🙂 )

We had our welcome back meeting for the D-Center and talked about all that is to come for this semester, should be a great one! I’m looking forward to continuing to inspire people to take initiate in the digital world, as scary/frustrating as technology may seem, it’s also one of your most powerful tools, use it wisely!

That just about does it for today. Lots of art coming my way, better get ready this weekend with some planning!