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Hello World!! My name is Bryn Bassett.

I’m a recent graduate from Agnes Scott College. Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, a studio art major and an environmental sustainability minor. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta in Gwinnett County.

I aspire to go into interior design, with a focus on sustainable design. Since the average person spends around 90% of their lives indoors, I’m looking at how the built environment effects our health, happiness, and well-being. How can I make you living environment both pretty, functional, comfortable and healthy so you can be your most productive happy self? 🙂 

I’m currently undertaking a gap year in between undergrad and graduate school. During my senior year, I wasn’t quite ready to pick the program that would take me onward to the next phase in my life. I wanted to make the right choice and needed more time to fully explore my options. I also figured spending a year working would help give me some really good life experience and help me save up some money to help pay for grad school. Triple-win! 

During my gap year (in addition to applying to grad schools) I’m working at my alma mater Agnes Scott College in the Center for Sustainability as their LEED Fellow. I’m a full-time employee spending the year dedicated to working on all the LEED projects we have on campus- the biggest one being our major renovation of Rebekah Scott Hall! It will give me some real practical experience in my area of interest- green building, and I’m super thankful for the opportunity Agnes Scott has given me! 

So that’s my current track/story of where I’m at, now for a little personal information: 

I’m from a family of six. There’s my mother, Jill, father, Jay, older brother who recently graduated from Vanderbilt with a degree in Computer Science – currently on the job search, Michael, younger sister who is at college at Berry studying creative tech, Erin, and my youngest sister – a talented ballerina high school senior, Melissa. We also have the most adorable and patient maine coon cat named Lily 🙂 

I grew up with a large extended family as well, my mom is the youngest of five, my dad is the oldest of four kids, so I have a lot of aunts,uncles, and cousins! I’m very close to my mom’s side of the family, we try to get together at least once a year, but there are a lot of surprise visits, and group chat messages that keep us always in the loop with each other.

I may have been raised in the south, but my parents are from the north (Mom-Ohio, Dad-well really all around, military, but mostly New Jersey) so I consider myself a hybrid of both. 

My father was in the US Navy for over 20 years, served in the Iraqi war way back when I was in fifth/sixth grade, and currently works in waste management as a National Expert in the Environmental Protection Agency. 

My mother worked in museums (the High, and Carlos at Emory University) as a museum educator until she started having kids. She stayed home with us and supported us doing one of the hardest and most important jobs a mother can do! Once my youngest sister was in middle school, she worked as a preschool educator until now. Currently she is starting up her own business, in handmade gifts and home decorations, I couldn’t be prouder! Once it’s fully launched I’ll come back here and give an update/shameless plug. 

There you have it, a tiny snapshot into me, barely scratches the surface on my complexities, but hopefully as you read my posts you’ll get to know more of me! 

Contact Me: brynbassett@gmail.com

I don’t regularly post on social media, I like to see what others are up to and like their stuff more often then posting myself, but look me up on FaceBook or Instagram! 😉

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